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Welcome to Our Forum for
Intuition, Visions, Dreams, Writings and Revelations.

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Forum for Intuition, Visions, & Revelations.

It’s feeling weirder and stranger out there / here / everywhere, and most readers (that I know) are isolated in a lot of ways so they don’t get feedback from others on either what they are picking up on or if anyone else is getting the same message / vibrations.

The first Forums agenda is for posting those intuitive moments, premonitions, visions or even that general feeling of “There’s something about to happen, but I don’t know what”. Even if you’re not a readers/psychic please post what you might either be picking up on, seeing, or being "told" is coming. This forum is aimed just as much at the emotional side of those questions we each get about: “ I wonder if someone else feels this”, “is hearing this”, “picking up on this” etc. For example a lot of sensitives and even those that never considered themselves sensitive are getting ringing tones. My first advice to you of course is to have it checked out by your medical professional. My second is to post on the forum what’s going on with you and see if others are having the same thing occur. We are looking for feedback for the forum and for YOU, and if possible confirmation for each other.

Please keep in mind this forum is not just for visions and predictions. This is a place of community for anyone who would like to share and even receive confirmation of any intuitive feelings, things that might feel like they affect you physically that you begin to realize might be connected with events about to happen.

We’ll be keeping track of similarities, locations and confirmations through both feedback from others as well as hard data from world events. We’ll have a staff member that will be trying to track premonitions and if we find matches, we’ll be posting both confirmations and probable confirmations.

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