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Tarot is a visual representation of knowledge that was previously hidden from view. Tarot is respected for its spiritual significance. The cards speak in pictures, and pictures are the language of the subconscious. The key to the deepest meaning of the cards lies hidden in the archetypal myths that humankind has told since the beginning of time. Tarot can be seen as a book of wisdom composed of 78 pages, which has been used as an oracle since the 15h century when it emerged in the form we know today. The cards are like a mirror, reflecting back to us our inner state. The images appeal to the archetypal images we carry in our subconscious, and reflect the archetypal tales known to every civilization. The cards imply there is an understandable order and reason for our experiences that in the events themselves are mirroring some deeper cause that is veiled from ordinary sight. When used by a trained advisor, tarot cards offer clear and constructive advice.


Literally meaning “Clear seeing”, clairvoyance is often used as a perception of your world, what you are experiencing in the here and now. On occasion the future is glimpsed, though it is only a possible future based on what is currently going on, IT IS NOT AN INEVITABLE OUTCOME. The future is in your hands, no one else’s. A clairvoyant is someone who understands what we are going through and can give accurate insight into what is really happening, it is invaluable to many people.
There are also such things as clairsentience and clairaudience which are different only in that the reader will sense and hear things rather than seeing them.


Come from ancient Germanic cultures. They date back to almost 1700 years ago, though many believe they are much older. Rune stones seem to have a particular use in discovering the underlying patterns that we are often not aware of but which have a great deal of subconscious influence in our lives.


Mediumship is the art of being a medium, or a communicator, who can make links between different worlds. It allows the reader to experience a connection with someone who is no longer among the living. They may hear clearly the person talking to them, experience images and sensations, and smell odors which have no obvious source. Simply being a medium does not mean that they can connect all the time and know every intimate detail. It is similar to a cell phone, even the strongest phones drop a call or lose signal from time to time.


Astrology is the study of the planets and stars and how they affect life on earth. The Natal astrology chart is a blueprint of the planets and stars at your particular date , time, and location of birth. Almost everyone has read their daily horoscope in the paper but that is just a general outlook based on the location of the sun at birth which is only a small part of a persons astrological makeup. With a natal astrology chart you can see a much more complete picture. It can give you an accurate assessment of strong and weak points , enabling you work on overcoming limitations within your personality and making the most of all your good qualities. It can be a useful tool for self evaluation and improvement. Astrology does not suggest that the stars dictate our lives it merely suggests that activities that occur in the heavens are mirrored in our lives. Knowing Your personal map of the stars can help you live up to your full potential .


Venerated by China’s sages and used by its warriors and aristocrats alike, the I-ching is the worlds oldest oracle, being in use for over 3,000 years!


Dreams are gifts that are too often misunderstood and ignored. Your dreams are messages that can make great changes in your life and the choices you make if understood. The key to dream interpretation is to understand the underlying symbolism inherent in the. Symbols are central to literature, religion, and national identity, but they are also at the heart of our inner dream worlds, a potent source of insights into our unconscious mind.


Numerology is the study of numbers and its effect on events and influence on mankind on an individual level as well as the universal level. This is done by studying the symbolic meaning of the numbers. Each number has its own vibration and its own vibratory influence upon the individual. Pythagoras, one of the fathers of modern mathematics, founded the equation c2 = a2 + b2, for the right triangle. Rather than simply use the elegant formula to solve geometric or physical problems, Pythagoras also considered the right triangle a map of the universe that incorporated all facets of human experience


Well, they are souls or spirits that have lived many lifetimes and have gained much wisdom. They are here to help and assist the Advisor in obtaining information and directing the advice that is given to you. Similar to mediums.

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