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Harley-FadeWhere does one begin to tell the lessons of a life time ?
First I suppose, I should tell you about me.

I am a man. Not a good man, or a bad man in my estimation, just a man who has been the best he could be at any one given time, in the circumstances He found himself.

I believe that value judgments such as good and bad, right and wrong, are individual perceptions, and as such, I leave them to you to form.

I also believe that life is a series of choices, and within these choices are the lessons of life.

Some are hard lessons, and most often taught with pain and repercussions. Some are easy lessons taught with good feelings and pleasant memories.

It has been my experience that the most important lessons also have the greatest emotional impact.

I have no guilt, nor do I entertain regrets. I believe that both those processes, distract from the lesson, and waste energy best used elsewhere.

How we live is determined by how much we learn, and how much we learn is determined by how we live. Ultimately, all life is a choice.

While I have chosen to publicly share what I have learned from life. I don't do this to convince you of my truths. I don't do this because I am convinced I have any answers. Truthfully, I am sure of just enough to know how little I know.

The honest truth as I know it, is that my writings are purely selfish in motivation.

I am writing to clarify, and crystallize my own thoughts. To maybe distill my personal lessons, into personal truths.

If you identify with anything I write. I am happy for you. Your lesson came easier than mine.

If my writing strikes you as wrong, then just step around them as you would a puddle in your pathway. No need to dwell on things that can not help you in life, and arguing with me will not change my mind.

I think that those who argue the loudest to convince you of their truth, are arguing because they are insecure in their beliefs, and hope to have them validated, by others agreeing with them.

Perhaps the same insecurities that cause some people to seek their self worth in the opinions of others.

Maybe if enough people think they are nice, or good looking, or funny or intelligent, they will finally become convinced themselves.

In the coming months and weeks, I will sporadically post my thoughts lessons, and the experiences that have caused them.

The hostess of this site has kindly agreed to allow me this space. I in turn, will try not to abuse or waste the opportunity.

Everyone is invited to the buffet of my mind. Take what seems palatable to you, pass over what does not.

If you care to address questions or comments to me, you can do it thru the private messages feature on the future forum.

The adventure of a life time begins with but a single breath.


To read more about this Warrior and his Ponderings and Ruminations please follow this LINK

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