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Your Personal Front Page: Today’s News, Tomorrow’s Headlines Report

Below is some text taken from a TimeLine report created from Billy Joel's birth data. This portion appears near the beginning of the report and depicts the transiting positions of the planets at the start of the report:   

If you choose to have this report priority mailed as well as an email copy the printed reports are nicely formatted and output on 8 1/2" x 11" paper on a laser printer, and are sent in an attractive, heavy-stock paper and cover.
(extra charges apply... see order form)   

Starting Positions - Transit:

Family, home, and the other roots in your life give you a sense of mission now. There is growth and gain through these things. Generally a fruitful period for real estate investments, if you don't bite off more than you can chew.

JUP in LIB - 13LIB30
The ties that bind, the harmonious integration of opposites, the perfect balance: these are the keys to your greatest opportunities now. Marriage and other close personal relationships tend to offer bright prospects, and you have a deep yearning to experience the fulfillment they can bring.

SAT in the 08th - 16AQU22
Financial responsibilities and investments need close attention now. Play it safe where such things are concerned, or you could find yourself in a hole. Sex, death, and other of life's mysteries could be taken too seriously, when in fact they are just natural functions made to loom so large only by ignorance and taboo.

SAT in AQU - 16AQU22
Ideals are in for a period of testing, as a new phase begins in your life. What are principles worth, unless they are put into practice? That's an important question for you now. This could mean you may be disappointed by causes you believe in - but if you abandon your principles, you lose.

URA in the 07th - 17CAP41
Close personal relationships are in a state of flux now: old ones may be severed or transformed, new ones come into being. Balancing issues of freedom and responsibility in these areas of your life creates new priorities and a fresh approach. Partners are idealistic or unusual in some way.

This portion of the report prints the monthly transit's and progressions occurring. If the report period includes the time of exact aspect, that date is included. Leaving dates are also presented:

Report for January

01/01 URA TRI SUN - Transit(Cap-Tau/07th-11th) (Exact- 01/16/93; Leave- 02/02/93)
***** A time during which you may be able to break through and move ahead with your ambitions and general life's purpose. You could receive unexpected help from someone older or from authority figures. A man or teacher could appear.

JUP CNJ NEP - Transit(Lib-Lib/04th-04th) (Exact- n/a; Leave- 01/06/93)
*****You will prosper by pursuing your ideals and most deep-seated dreams of how life could be. Don't be afraid to project that image, make those dreams real. Ideas of group cooperation and communion (mass images) could further your career.

PLU OPP VEN - Transit(Sco-Tau/05th-11th) (Exact- n/a; Leave- 02/18/93)
***** You may not appreciate how others insist on getting personal, or your own prying and inner diggings may not be enjoyed. The intensely sensitive psychological material you are coming up with rubs the wrong way, upsetting your own value system.

JUP SXT PLU - Transit - (Lib-Leo/04th-02nd)(Exact- 02/15/93; Leave- 03/01/93)
***** You may find that both your personal growth and your career may depend upon how you can handle the very sensitive psychological material that may be coming up now. You will benefit from analytical insights, getting to the heart of things. Penetrating.

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