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Below is some sample text from a number of the chapters of a Past Lives Report. These excerpts show the writing style of the author, Bernie Ashman.

If you choose to have this report priority mailed as well as an email copy the printed reports are nicely formatted and output on 8 1/2" x 11" paper on a laser printer, and are sent in an attractive, heavy-stock paper and cover.
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Node in Aquarius

You had a history of being an individualist. One of your key impulses was experimenting with new ideas. Your soul was normally exhilarated about reincarnating, anticipating the surprises with enthusiasm. The archetypal theme for your destiny was to be an innovator. A crucial lesson was to avoid being different just to be different. Maintaining a clear sense of direction with purposeful actions was a better way to conduct business. Keeping a detached mental objectivity helped you clarify your decisions. When you let your heart speak rather than your intellect, people found you more approachable. Toning down your aloofness in favor of becoming more personal helped you make important social connections. A trickster was looking for too much attention, searching desperately for acceptance. It led to great uncertainty, and letting others dictate too much of the action. Then again, you could go to the other extreme, becoming too overpowering and demanding. Finding a way to balance being a free spirit and fitting into someone else's kingdom was a key to stability. You needed to be your own person, choosing to reinvent yourself now and then. Electricity was ignited when venturing out beyond your comfort zones and testing the waters that pointed to new creative directions. Also, when you fell in love with a person or other heartfelt pursuit's, the magic took over.

Node in 8th house

What types of activities did you participate in that furthered your soul growth? Delving into the mysteries of life with a detective-like presence was a preoccupation. You weren't afraid to walk along the narrow ledges, if that's where the intensity could be found. If you became too bogged down in hoarding what you saved, life had a way of disrupting your pleasure. A common concern was "how can I reach full empowerment?" When you followed your passion to achieve wealth or dynamic relationships with common sense you managed to stay out of karma's way. What sorts of experiences motivated you? There was being a shrewd businessperson. Negotiation savvy adorned you. Plumbing to the depths of your main interests came naturally. Even mysticism called to you. Your energy levels peaked when finding either the lover or profession of your most cherished dream .If you became too possessive or jealous, you created more trouble than it was worth. When you assumed the appropriate power it kept you on track as much as compulsively overpowering others caused endless trouble. Somewhere always hiding in the caverns of your memory banks was a survival instinct mixed with a tinge of a longing to keep life very simple. When using this wisely and pragmatically, life was colored with a rich array of abundant experiences.
           Here is some text dealing with the "Creativity, Ego, Self-expression".          

Sun in Taurus:

 The sign of Taurus the bull lighted the mid spring astrological skies at your birth into this life. Let's explore what significance this had in regard to your past lives. In traditional astrology the keyword phrase for Taurus is "I desire". Another one is "I have". You had a pattern related to ownership and strong drives to taste what the world was serving. Archetypes for Taurus include the peacemaker, nature lover and economizer. More than likely you had a healthy fear of poverty. This drove you in past lives to steadily develop knowledge that was marketable. A pragmatic attitude usually surfaced in key areas of your lives. Sooner or later you realized the value of stability. It's when you grew too attached to having particular outcomes that life got murky.

The cosmic principle at work through many of your past incarnations was to depend heavily on what you could see and touch. You found ego strength or self-confidence through imposing your will power on what you wanted. Appreciating beauty in all of it's forms was a way of life. A steady determination defined you. Sometimes in past lives you became inert. This was due to either dulled senses, or events knocked the wind out of you. A test was deepening your intuitive eye. Chances are you were successful in business. You came into this life solarized through a sign promoting persistence. An intense tendency to have things on your own terms was a theme that ran throughout your incarnations and was a key to your self-mastery. It was when you put forth a dynamo of creative enthusiasm that this energy was a true champion!

Sun in 5th House:

 You had solar power that soared through you with great force in previous lives. Being in the spotlight was what you desired. Your ego got bruised easily if not receiving enough attention. You were as dramatic as you were fiery. A drive to promote came as naturally as snow falling on top of the Rocky Mountains in mid winter. Your creative vitality was ready to reload on a moment's notice. Being in love did arouse your energy. Being a follower wasn't as easy as striving to be a leader. You needed lots of elbowroom to work. A take control type you were. You were extremely proud of your creations. Getting too attached to offspring or creations happened regularly. Directing others to be successful was part of your history.

If there was a challenge it was in two separate camps. One was being too bossy. The other was a lack of confidence. In most lives you vacillated between the two. When you found the right roles, look out! You were ready to shoot a full throttle to make up for lost time. The actor and director lived brightly through you. When you moved with self-assuredness, others were ready to follow. However, if you took too big of a risk or showed great arrogance, you sometimes looked back and realized you were alone. Your self-expression burst onto the scene loudly when your ability was recognized. You only needed to fall in love with what you liked doing to ensure the wealth you desired. Taking chances defined you. The world responded positively when you moved without infringing on the rights of others, but with no applause when you ignored those you loved. You found fulfillment in being a hero for those believing in you, and in sharing your gifts with those appreciating them.

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All rights reserved for entertainment purposes only

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