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Full Cosmo Collection           $15.95 
Cosmo Natal; 3-Month Cosmo Forecast; plusCosmo Compatibility.
(No Birth Time needed)

Cosmo Natal


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(No Birth Time needed but report may be slightly shorter if no birth time)

Cosmo Natal Report:
Although this report is short, it describes some of the major issues and themes of the relationship. Very good natal chart interpretation including the planets in signs and houses and selected aspect interpretations.

If you are new to astrology, you may not know what a natal report is: it is an interpretation of the birth chart that does not focus on one specific or narrow issue such as vocation, but instead provides a comprehensive analysis of the person.

This is a concise natal report that interprets the planets in zodiac signs and in aspect to each other. The planet in houses are NOT interpreted.
<sample of this report>

The Cosmo Forecast:
This your daily personal assistant profiling each day for the three months from the date your report is created. (3 months)You will know in advance the energies and forces that will be effecting your mood and well being. This forecast report  interprets astrological influences in the future.

The Cosmo Forecast interprets only short-term influences, those that last just a few days. Although the interpretations are brief, the report is quite easy to read and informative.

Review of your own personal forecast will help you decide the:

  • Best days to negotiate a raise
  • Best days to meet a new special someone
  • Best days to interview for a new job
  • Best days to exercise
  • Best days to accept challenges
  • Planning a vacation? Know what days you are best suited to relax. Planning on confronting someone? Know what days you will have exceptional personal strength!
    <sample of this report>

The Cosmo Compatibility Report:
Summarizes in about 1,000 words the major themes in a relationship. A comparison between the charts of any two people; Lovers, friends or family members. Good compatibility analyisis comparing your own and anothers birth charts. Interprets the important Sun and Moon as they affect the two charts plus an interpretation of the major aspects between your two charts.

Its strength is its brevity. Ideal as a very quick summary if you've just met someone and want a short, fast (and inexpensive) look at interpersonal possibilities. Then choose which is best for your situation.Well written and to the point.
<sample of this report>

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