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The 3 month Cosmo Forecast for

Keanu Reeves

September 2, 1964

5:40 AM

Beirut, Lebanon

April 20, 2002 - July 20, 2002

Tropical/Placidus NATAL CHART
Calculated for time zone 0 hours

Natal positions:
Sun= 9VI42 Moon=16CN19 Merc= 9VI58 Ven=23CN54 Mars=21CN49
Jup=25TA52 Sat= 1PI02 Ura=10VI24 Nep=15SC25 Plu=13VI50
Asc=14VI41 MC=13GE14

Natal: Sun Moon Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu Asc MC
Transiting: Sun Merc Ven Mars Jup Sat Ura Nep Plu
Conj ( 0 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Oppos (180 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sqr ( 90 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min Trine (120 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min
Sxtil ( 60 deg 00 min) 1 deg 00 min

Apr 20, 2002 (Apr 19, 2002 to Apr 21, 2002) Merc Trine Plu

There is great depth to your conversations. You find yourself revealing secrets or very private matters, and also asking very penetrating questions of others. Superficial answers don't satisfy you now. This is an excellent time to investigate a complex problem or mystery, look for something that has been lost or hidden, and also to learn more about your own inner depths.

Apr 20, 2002 (Apr 20, 2002 to Apr 21, 2002) Merc Trine Asc

Communications are excellent now. You come across clearly and present yourself articulately. Public speaking, interviews, and other transactions with the public are favored. Conversations you have at this time go smoothly, and an agreement can be reached.

Apr 20, 2002 (Apr 19, 2002 to Apr 21, 2002) Ven Sxtil Ven

Opportunities for friendship, pleasant associations and enjoyable social interactions occur now. Personal relationships are harmonious and rewarding. Also, financial transactions go smoothly for you and material benefits are possible at this time.

Apr 21, 2002 (Apr 20, 2002 to Apr 22, 2002) Merc Oppos Nep

This is one of the least favorable times to make a decision or sign a contract, as your communication with others is likely to be fraught with misunderstanding or even outright deception. Your thinking is rather fuzzy now and you are more gullible or swayed by feelings, images, and ideals rather than seeing situations and people as they are. Your imagination is very active at this time.

Apr 21, 2002 (Apr 20, 2002 to Apr 22, 2002) Sun Sxtil Sat

Your ability to concentrate and focus on your work is very good now. This is a time to attend to details, take care of practical business, and to make your life more stable and secure. It would be beneficial to consult advisors on investments and long-range plans, and to put your affairs in order. Eliminating waste and inefficiency is important to you now.

Apr 21, 2002 (Apr 21, 2002 to Apr 22, 2002) Merc Sxtil Moon

You feel inclined to speak to others about your innermost feelings, your past, and other personal subjects, which builds closeness and trust in your relationships, especially with women. You are also a sympathetic listener, drawing out others' feelings and personal experiences.

You may hear from someone from the past or reach out to someone you have a long history with or who was once very important in your life.

Apr 22, 2002 (Apr 21, 2002 to Apr 23, 2002) Ven Conj Jup

Happiness and a desire to share your good fortune and joy with others is the theme now. You are feeling generous and expansive, and are inclined to give lavish gifts or buy something lovely for yourself that is costly or extravagant. A diet or budget is likely to go out the window right now. As long as you don't overextend yourself, this is a good time to indulge your feelings of kindness towards others and also to be kind and indulgent to yourself.

Apr 22, 2002 (Apr 15, 2002 to Apr 29, 2002) Jup Sxtil Sun

This time period is harmonious and pleasant. Relationships are particularly pleasant and productive now, and you will find that business agreements and partnerships formed now work out very well. Cooperation and comradery is strong now, and you may receive a gift or offer from someone.

Apr 24, 2002 (Apr 17, 2002 to May 1, 2002) Jup Sxtil Merc

Long-distance communications and business dealings are successful now. For example, if you need to call a business or company for assistance, you will find that you are able to get through to a helpful person who can assist you. You are also able to communicate successfully with co-workers and colleagues regarding overall plans and goals of the business or trade that you are involved in.

Apr 24, 2002 (Apr 24, 2002 to Apr 25, 2002) Merc Sxtil Mars

You are eager to discuss your thoughts and plans with others at this time and you may have a very fruitful brainstorming session, a spirited debate, or a very active meeting with others in which things really get accomplished. You are verbally assertive and can present your own plan or idea quite convincingly.

Apr 26, 2002 (Apr 25, 2002 to Apr 27, 2002) Merc Sxtil Ven

There is a friendly, cooperative, harmonious tone to the interactions you have now. It is a good time for social activities and for getting in touch with friends. You avoid heavy discussions and do not want to focus on dry, practical matters. Reading light fiction, going out to see a romantic comedy, or simply sharing a pleasant time with someone you like is more in tune with your feelings now.

Apr 26, 2002 (Apr 25, 2002 to Apr 27, 2002) Ven Sqr Sat

Withdrawing from emotional social contact is favored now, for even when you are with others you are likely to feel separate and alone. Sadness and disappointments in your personal life are also probable now. Inadequacies and flaws in your friends or lovers are particularly bothersome to you now, and you may feel that you have nearly exhausted your patience for dealing with these problems. It is a time to be quiet and to look objectively at how your relationships are going. Though not a pleasurable time, this can be a fruitful period in which to learn more about love and what you truly value.

Apr 27, 2002 (Apr 26, 2002 to Apr 28, 2002) Merc Conj Jup

This is a time for making long-range plans, seeing the big picture, and thinking about what is really important to you in the long run. The trivial details and business of day-to-day living does not dominate your attention now. Reading books or articles of an inspirational nature or on subjects of personal growth and development is very fruitful now. This is also an excellent time for business functions, negotiations, and communicating with the world at large.

Apr 27, 2002 (Apr 20, 2002 to May 3, 2002) Jup Sxtil Ura

Your life is very upbeat and progressive now. You enjoy jovial, spirited get-togethers and parties, and you feel optimistic and enthusiastic.

Apr 28, 2002 (Apr 26, 2002 to Apr 29, 2002) Mars Sqr Sun

You are inclined to be aggressive and hot-tempered now, particularly when your will is blocked. Your pushiness or competitive attitude is likely to create antagonism, hostility, and further resistance to your efforts. It is best to work alone rather than try to cooperate or coordinate your efforts with anyone at this time. Also, you are impatient and tend to behave in an impulsive, irritable way which makes you more prone to accidents during this period.

Apr 28, 2002 (Apr 26, 2002 to Apr 29, 2002) Mars Sqr Merc

Verbal battles, disputes, and heated debates are very likely at this time because you speak your mind without much forethought, tact, or consideration of consequences. Right now you will say the things you usually only think, especially to people you disagree with. Also, you are quite impatient and easily frustrated, and are inclined to move about too quickly and abruptly, which can cause accidents. Unless you slow your pace down a bit, this time period can be quite a headache.

Apr 28, 2002 (Apr 19, 2002 to May 7, 2002) Sat Conj MC

Your ambitions or career reach a climax or critical point at this time. This time period is an important culmination of a great deal of effort. The effect of this culmination can be either wonderful or disastrous, depending on the quality of your work and the astuteness of your career decisions.

Apr 29, 2002 (Apr 27, 2002 to Apr 30, 2002) Mars Sqr Ura

Rebelliousness, recklessness, impatience, a sudden burst of anger or your need to break free from rules and restrictions may create a lot of disruption in your life right now. Also, you can't seem to settle down or focus on one task for any length of time. Though you are unusually energetic, it is hard for you to get anything done. You tend to fly off the handle and to scatter your forces. You are happiest now when you do something creative and daring, which doesn't involve trying to cooperate or conform to others' wishes and needs.

Apr 30, 2002 (Apr 29, 2002 to May 1, 2002) Sun Trine Sun

Confidence and inner harmony prevail. You can move forward with creative projects and express yourself more easily and comfortably now. Your efforts are well-received at this time.

Apr 30, 2002 (Apr 29, 2002 to May 1, 2002) Sun Trine Merc

If you are a writer, teacher, student, or involved in any intellectual work, this is a positive time for you: ideas flow and it is easier than usual to express your thoughts. Also, this is a good time for buying, selling, negotiating, and communications of all kinds.

Apr 30, 2002 (Apr 29, 2002 to May 1, 2002) Sun Trine Ura

You have a low tolerance for boredom and following rules today and you make some creative changes and discoveries, experiment with new possibilities, or invent a new way of doing things.

You don't want to follow anybody else's lead at this time, but fortunately you are able find ways to be yourself and even be a little "crazy" without offending or upsetting others. This is a dynamic and exciting period. Take advantage of any unusual offers or opportunities.

May 1, 2002 (Apr 30, 2002 to May 2, 2002) Merc Sqr Sat

Your thinking is rather gloomy and pessimistic at this time. You see the superficiality, the flaws, and the foolishness or impracticality in others' plans. Also, communicating with others is difficult now, and people resist what you are saying. You feel more inhibited and uncommunicative, and you sense that others are not receptive. Frustrating conversations and the feeling that you are coming across negatively are possible now, so you are inclined simply to keep your thoughts to yourself.

May 3, 2002 (May 1, 2002 to May 4, 2002) Mars Conj MC

Your desire for leadership, personal recognition for your efforts, and absolute control over your own affairs is very strong now. You are very competitive in business affairs and business and you aggressively present your concerns and interests to colleagues and superiors. Anger over an inability to be first, or to be on top, is quite possible, but you won't take it lying down - you are ready to fight if necessary in order to forge ahead!

May 3, 2002 (May 2, 2002 to May 4, 2002) Ven Sqr Sun

Your desire for pleasure, ease, and affection is brought to the fore, and may interfere with work or complicate situations in which you need to be acting assertively and on your own behalf. Your mood and attitude is conciliatory, and your need for love and approval heightened. Social gatherings and personal relationships are favored.

May 3, 2002 (Apr 25, 2002 to May 12, 2002) Sat Sqr Plu

Your personal aims, ambitions, and interests meet with unexpected obstacles at this time. Doors that you have been hoping would open are closing instead.

May 3, 2002 (May 3, 2002 to May 4, 2002) Ven Sqr Merc

Your thoughts turn to love and this is a favorable time to bring out any concerns you have in your personal relationships. Agreements and cooperation can be achieved easily now. You readily discuss your personal needs and desires. Also, you are more aware of beauty and may want to rearrange your decor or buy something to beautify your surroundings.

May 4, 2002 (May 2, 2002 to May 5, 2002) Mars Sqr Plu

Your drive for personal power, achievement, or control over your life is very strong at this time. The tyrant in you emerges, and you can be excessively willful, domineering, or compulsive about doing what you want to. You battle anyone or anything that is an obstacle to your individual freedom of action, and ego conflicts or a furious power struggle may ensue. Also, you can be unmerciful with yourself and your own weaknesses. You are likely to push yourself much too hard.

May 4, 2002 (May 3, 2002 to May 5, 2002) Ven Sqr Ura

You are impulsively affectionate and flirtatious at this time, and you feel quite restless if you are in a stable, predictable relationship that offers little excitement. You may be highly attracted to someone new, simply because of the novelty and possibilities for adventure. Also, your friends or love partner may behave in unexpected ways. Flexibility and openmindedness in your relationships is called for now.

May 4, 2002 (May 3, 2002 to May 5, 2002) Sun Trine Plu

This is an excellent time to eliminate whatever is unnecessary and outworn in your life, from clutter and disorder in your environment, to an unhealthy relationship or even a long-held attitude or belief which keeps you from going after what you really want in life.

You are also more perceptive than usual. You see other people's true colors more clearly and you may discover a secret or the hidden aspect of some situation.

Something lost, hidden, or forgotten may come to light.

May 5, 2002 (May 4, 2002 to May 6, 2002) Sun Trine Asc

You are in harmony with the people in your immediate environment. There is a sense of ease and of flowing with, rather than fighting against or resisting, what is going on around you. Therefore, you have more energy and more fun at this time.

Now is a good time to make a presentation, go for an interview, or meet the public in some way; the response is positive.

May 5, 2002 (May 3, 2002 to May 6, 2002) Mars Sqr Asc

Irritations, conflicts with the people you relate to on a daily basis, and a generalized feeling of impatience or edginess characterize this period. Because you are not feeling very obliging or compromising, this is not a good time to try to come to an agreement with another. However, you need to get your grievances out in the open; otherwise the tension builds up to an unmanageable level.

May 6, 2002 (May 5, 2002 to May 7, 2002) Sun Oppos Nep

Your defenses are weaker than usual now and you are inclined to passively withdraw or give in to other people rather than act decisively and strongly in your own behalf. Confusion, vagueness, or misrepresentation can occur in your relationships, so beware of making commitments at this time; you're likely to see things much more clearly and realistically later on.

May 6, 2002 (May 5, 2002 to May 7, 2002) Ven Conj MC

Your personal charm and attractiveness has a positive effect on your career, reputation, or public image. People see you as a loving and lovable person, and as someone who is aware of their needs and feelings, which can benefit you at this time. Others are willing to help and cooperate with your aims. Your interest in the arts or in promoting harmony and good will between people is brought out at this time.

May 7, 2002 (May 6, 2002 to May 8, 2002) Sun Sxtil Moon

Support from close friends, family, and the women in your life gives you confidence now. This is a good time to mend fences and ameliorate problems in your home life.

May 7, 2002 (May 6, 2002 to May 8, 2002) Ven Sqr Plu

Hidden passions, fears, jealousies, longings, desires, or needs surface in you now and can stir up trouble in your closest relationships. You are prone to be compulsive or demanding in a close relationship, to be emotionally driven and to force things to a head in some emotionally-laden situation. Positively, a relationship can be deepened and reborn now, given new life by your willingness to reveal yourself completely to your loved one.

May 7, 2002 (May 7, 2002 to May 8, 2002) Ven Sqr Asc

You are a peacemaker now, for harmony in your environment seems more important than ever. Loving relationships, giving and receiving affection, and attracting people into your life who are good for you are very likely at this time.

May 10, 2002 (May 2, 2002 to May 18, 2002) Sat Sqr Asc

Frustrations and obstacles in your relationships with others arise at this time. You feel like others do not really understand you and do not cooperate with you, and that to do anything right, you have to do it yourself.

May 12, 2002 (May 11, 2002 to May 13, 2002) Sun Sxtil Mars

Your vitality and courage are strong now and you are eager to meet challenges. You can accomplish a great deal of work, especially if it involves physical effort. If you are active in sports, you will be especially competitive and vigorous now. Self-confidence is high.

May 13, 2002 (May 10, 2002 to May 21, 2002) Merc Sqr Sun

There is much activity; you move rapidly from one thing to another and a hectic, somewhat stressful pace is likely. Many errands, phone calls, letters which require a response, and other "busywork" is on the agenda. A minor but rather tense confrontation is likely.

May 14, 2002 (May 13, 2002 to May 15, 2002) Sun Sxtil Ven

Your relationships are especially affectionate and friendly at this time, and you may benefit socially or materially through an opportunity offered to you by a friend. This is a good time for parties, social gatherings, and other pleasurable activities.

May 15, 2002 (May 10, 2002 to May 21, 2002) merc sqr merc

Intellectual disagreements or differences of opinion and viewpoints arise now. You may have to speak your mind in a way that challenges or unnerves someone else. However, your mind is very active and sharp, and your reasoning power is good, so this is a good time to do mental work.

May 15, 2002 (May 12, 2002 to May 19, 2002) merc sqr ura

Flexibility, thinking on your feet, and the ability to accommodate the unexpected will be called for now. The pace is very quick. You will be pulled in many directions at once, and tend to scatter your forces, jumping from one thing to the next. Positively, you may come up with some fresh, original plan or insight that may seem crazy at first, but which is likely to be quite useful.

May 16, 2002 (May 15, 2002 to May 17, 2002) Sun Conj Jup

You feel expansive, enthusiastic, and optimistic now. You want to reach out, do more and experience more. You benefit greatly from the opportunities that present themselves at this time, and a person who will be very influential and helpful to you may come into your life.

May 17, 2002 (May 12, 2002 to May 23, 2002) Jup Sxtil Plu

Cooperation with businesses, government agencies, organizations, and influential individuals is highlighted now. You will find that you can gain cooperation and support from authorities and bureaucracies that previously ignored your requests or advice. Organizations and influential people are also more willing to assist you in your personal plans and interests.

May 18, 2002 (May 10, 2002 to May 21, 2002) Merc Sqr Sun

This astrological influence (Merc Sqr Sun) also occurred on May 13, 2002 (peak date). Please refer to this date.

May 21, 2002 (May 20, 2002 to May 22, 2002) Ven Trine Sat

This is an excellent time to make decisions about your financial affairs, as your judgement is sound and reliable, though a bit conservative. Investing in beautiful things which are likely to increase in value over time (such as jewelry or fine art) is favored. You are not interested in fleeting excitement or frivolity now. Spending "quality time" with an old and trusted friend, or enjoying the company of an experienced, mature person who has much of substance to give you will make you happy.

May 22, 2002 (May 21, 2002 to May 23, 2002) Sun Sqr Sat

This is a time of considerable frustration and your desires or efforts appear to be thwarted or at least delayed. Relationships with men and people in authority may be particularly uncomfortable. Also, you have more self-doubt than usual; your mood is somber and rather self-critical. This is a good time to take stock of your life, to see how you are limiting and holding yourself back, and to determine your next steps. But do not attempt to press forward now, and don't take whatever setbacks you experience too much too heart.

May 22, 2002 (May 17, 2002 to May 27, 2002) Jup Sxtil Asc

This is a harmonious, enjoyable time for you. Things run smoothly and your work is likely to take an enjoyable turn now. Pressures and deadlines are lifted. You may be asked to attend an enjoyable event or travel at this time. You wish that your life was always like this! You are not very aggressive or particularly energetic, but intense effort is not required.

May 26, 2002 (May 20, 2002 to May 31, 2002) Jup Trine Nep

You feel a little less ambitious and aggressive than usual, and your attention focuses more on global issues and philosophical topics. The little details of your life seem less important than the overall purpose of life and the ideals by which you live.

May 28, 2002 (May 27, 2002 to May 29, 2002) Ven Sxtil Sun

Opportunities for friendship, cooperation, love, and shared happiness arise. The warmth and good will you generate now is likely to be a benefit to you both now and later on. You feel especially friendly and sociable.

May 28, 2002 (May 28, 2002 to May 29, 2002) Ven Sxtil Merc

This is a very good time to go to the theatre, an art exhibit, or social gathering. You want to see beautiful things and exchange pleasantries with others. In fact, matters of the heart are on your mind and you may want to play match-maker now.

May 29, 2002 (May 28, 2002 to May 30, 2002) Ven Sxtil Ura

This is a time for getting a little loose and wild with friends, going dancing, or doing something out of the ordinary that is stimulating and fun. You meet interesting new people and are more open to people who are quite different from yourself. An opportunity for a romance may arise which is likely to be exciting, though short-lived.

May 30, 2002 (May 28, 2002 to May 31, 2002) Mars Trine Sat

Your concentration is excellent now and you are serious about your work. You want to focus on real accomplishment and avoid frivolity and distractions. You may fruitfully tackle difficult, disagreeable tasks or work that usually frustrates you, for your patience and ability to do painstaking work is brought out now. Self-control and self-discipline are required of you at this time, but fortunately, they yield positive results in the long run.

May 30, 2002 (May 25, 2002 to June 4, 2002) Jup Conj Moon

During this time period you are more tolerant, forgiving, and generous than usual. You feel good about yourself and are usually in a cheerful mood. Domestic life and family matters are particularly important to you now, and you are likely to spend a great deal of time with family and close friends.

May 31, 2002 (May 30, 2002 to June 1, 2002) Sun Sqr Sun

You feel temporarily blocked now. Resistance and challenges from others or from outside situations suggest this is not a good time to try to force your will and desires onto the world, as friction is the only likely result. Relations with men can be especially tense.

May 31, 2002 (May 30, 2002 to June 1, 2002) Sun Sqr Merc

A fast pace, with many letters, phone calls, errands, meetings, or discussions, is on the agenda. You may feel mentally restless, impatient, and overly eager to get your own ideas across. Also, a situation may arise which requires you to say what is on your mind, to make a decision, or to clearly voice your personal opinion on some issue.

June 1, 2002 (May 31, 2002 to June 2, 2002) Sun Sqr Ura

Your usual routine is likely to be disrupted now, either by "freak" accidents beyond your control or by your own impatience with the status quo. Sudden unexpected events, and breaking free of confining situations and relationships are very likely.

June 1, 2002 (May 31, 2002 to June 2, 2002) Ven Sxtil Plu

Your feelings for friends and your emotional responses to life in general are deeper and more intense. The need to share, to give and receive love, and to be accepted and wanted is very strong. You have an opportunity now to see what keeps you from being really close to others - perhaps a forgotten hurt or hidden resentment - and to rid yourself of it by bringing it out in the open or simply releasing it.

June 1, 2002 (June 1, 2002 to June 2, 2002) Ven Sxtil Asc

Light and pleasant interactions characterize this time period. You gain what you want through diplomacy or charm and by enlisting the support of your friends, rather than by being forthright and bold. You are willing to make concessions in order to maintain harmony in your environment.

June 2, 2002 (June 1, 2002 to June 3, 2002) Ven Trine Nep

At this time you are more sensitive to beauty and also the feelings and needs of others. It is easy for you to give generously of yourself, for you sympathize strongly with other people and spiritual values are more important than material ones at this time.

June 3, 2002 (June 2, 2002 to June 4, 2002) Ven Conj Moon

Feelings of tenderness and love, especially for family or children, are very strong at this time. You want to shower loved ones with affection, to invite friends into your home, and to be pampered and cared for. Your relationships with women are very harmonious and positive now.

June 4, 2002 (June 2, 2002 to June 5, 2002) Sun Conj MC

Your career, reputation, and most important personal goals receive a boost now, primarily through your own initiative and willingness to assert yourself. You feel a surge of positive energy.

Superiors or people in authority will also notice you now and can help you immensely, enabling you to fulfill something you are striving for. Public recognition for your work or your unique personal contribution to the world is very possible.

June 4, 2002 (June 3, 2002 to June 5, 2002) Sun Sqr Plu

Underlying or previously hidden aspects of a situation come to light now.

The misuse of personal power, dominating or manipulating others, and the subtle ways you try to control situations or other people are issues. The tyrant in you comes out, or you find yourself dealing with the more difficult, dark, tyrannical side in other people.

Also, this can be a time when you are forced to confront and deal with something which is no longer working - from old, outworn possessions to an unhealthy relationship or a deeply ingrained, self-defeating attitude.

June 5, 2002 (June 4, 2002 to June 6, 2002) Sun Sqr Asc

You may feel out of step with the people in your immediate environment now, not in harmony with the intentions and desires of those you work or live with.

Relationships, especially professional ones, can be tense, especially if you attempt to work your own will. This is not a time to force issues.

June 7, 2002 (June 7, 2002 to June 8, 2002) Ven Conj Mars

Your amorous desires and romantic urges are very strong now. In all of your relationships, whether romantic or not, you feel quite warm and affectionate. You are less competitive, more interested in pleasing others, and creating harmony. You may also feel compelled to do something creative or artistic, something to express your craving for beauty.

June 8, 2002 (June 4, 2002 to June 12, 2002) merc sqr sat

Your thinking is rather gloomy and pessimistic at this time. You see the superficiality, the flaws, and the foolishness or impracticality in others' plans. Also, communicating with others is difficult now, and people resist what you are saying. You feel more inhibited and uncommunicative, and you sense that others are not receptive. Frustrating conversations and the feeling that you are coming across negatively are possible now, so you are inclined simply to keep your thoughts to yourself.

June 9, 2002 (June 8, 2002 to June 10, 2002) Ven Conj Ven

Your desire for love, companionship, and affection predominates at this time. A new friendship or romance could begin, or an established relationship can be revitalized and enhanced. If there is someone you have wanted to reach out to, doing so now is likely to create warm feelings between you, and may be the start of something beautiful. You also need to be surrounded by beauty and harmony and your artistic inclinations are stimulated now.

June 11, 2002 (June 10, 2002 to June 12, 2002) Ven Sxtil Jup

Both friendship and material benefits may well come to you at this time. You feel very sociable and gregarious, and seek conviviality, especially with people who really know how to have a good time. Charitable and philanthropic impulses are stronger now, also, and should be followed with positive action on your part.

June 12, 2002 (June 10, 2002 to June 13, 2002) Mars Sxtil Sun

Your physical drive and energy level are high now, and you can accomplish a great deal fairly easily. You are inclined to take the initiative or to strike out on your own, and you are likely to be successful at what you attempt at this time. Because you assert yourself in a positive manner, a leadership role or an opportunity to do something you have wanted to do on your own is likely to be offered to you.

June 12, 2002 (June 11, 2002 to June 14, 2002) Mars Sxtil Merc

You have a lot of mental energy and are eager to "attack" intellectual or conceptual problems. You are likely to come up with a clever solution or a very workable plan, especially if you brainstorm with others. You also tend to make up your mind very quickly and decisively now, and to translate your ideas into action.

June 13, 2002 (June 11, 2002 to June 14, 2002) Mars Sxtil Ura

Physical thrills and excitement have a strong appeal for you now, and you want to do something new and out of the ordinary. You also have a lot of energy and quick reflexes. A vigorous game of racquetball or tennis, or some other fast-moving competitive sport would be a good outlet for you now. Acting on your spontaneous impulses and following through on some of your more unusual or "crazy" desires will yield surprises, mostly positive.

June 18, 2002 (June 17, 2002 to June 20, 2002) Mars Sxtil Plu

You may be considering a major overhaul or revision in your ambitions at this time. If you do not have a sense of meaningful purpose or a passionate commitment to anything, you will want to reassess where you are going and why. If you do have a clear goal, you can make significant progress and work with great satisfaction now. An opportunity to do what you really want to do is likely.

June 19, 2002 (June 18, 2002 to June 21, 2002) Mars Sxtil Asc

At this time you are able to be very clear and above-board with other people, bringing out your desires and differences between yourself and others in a way that is unlikely to offend or stir up hostility. Because you appear confident, others are inclined to follow your lead now.

June 21, 2002 (June 19, 2002 to June 22, 2002) Mars Trine Nep

You do not feel very sharp, competitive, or aggressive at this time. Feelings of relaxation, receptivity, passivity, or aimlessness are likely and you tend to avoid stressful confrontations or situations that demand too much of you. Goals and desires that normally seem so important - especially ones in which you are pushing your own interests - do not matter quite as much now. Your imagination is stimulated, and you need activities and entertainments that are colorful, out the ordinary, and definitely not mundane.

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