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Where in the World? Go There, Live There!

Below is some sample text from a number of the chapters of an Astro*Carto*Graphy report. These excerpts show the writing style of the author, Jim Lewis.

If you choose to have this report priority mailed as well as an email copy the printed reports are nicely formatted and output on 8 1/2" x 11" paper on a laser printer, and are sent in an attractive, heavy-stock paper and cover.
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Here are excerpts taken from some of the Astro*Carto*Graphy chapters:

Locality Interpretation for
George W. Bush
at Washington,DC


 One thing is certain about you, no matter where you are -- you're one of the people who gets a lot out of life because you look beneath appearances and are willing to think for yourself, astrology being somewhat off the beaten track these days. So what is ASTRO*CARTO*GRAPHY*EXPLAINED? It's based on the common, instinctive idea that a person has different chances, luck, experiences or options in different localities -- that you aren't exactly the same person in New York that you are in Los Angeles. It works by looking at the planets' relationships to the places you've asked about at your birth moment. ...


 To understand how this information will be useful, perhaps we should question why people move around so much in the first place. In addition to the obvious reasons are psychological ones. Psychologists (Carl Jung especially) have suggested that people instinctively seek wholeness, or a completeness of their experience. If it's true that different locations accent different parts of your potentials, moving offers a way to speed evolution, to get acquainted with new parts of yourself. So if you find that a location you are obliged to reside at is one in which some of the more problematical influences predominate (such as Saturn, Neptune, etc.), you should look beneath the superficial and immediate desires and concerns of your life and try to understand what emerging consciousness has brought you here. Every location is good for something, ...


 But the most important thing to realize is that every location is good for something; if you recognize and understand it's potentials, you can use them constructively. You'll find that in some instances you don't even have to travel or live in the location -- that it's influence affects you through people who come from there, or remote concerns, such as business, cultural or other life interests that symbolize those psychological potentials described by this report. ...


 At the location which you have specified, there was more than one important influence at the time of your birth. Below we have identified the nature of these influences, and they will probably seem somewhat contradictory to you. Residing in a location where there is more than one important planetary influence is of it'self somewhat stressful, and it is likely that one or more of the influences will be "projected"; that is, instead of acknowledging and assimilating the influence yourself, you will be inclined to seek other people, or external situations, to act it out for you. Nevertheless, you should attempt to comprehend all influences operating here, since it is only by inwardly accepting such power that you can gain control over it.
To understand the following influence, you should be aware that it is very strong; while reading the description of it's psychological and particular manifestations below, keep in mind that you will be drawn into these types of activity almost beyond your will, and that residence here is probably a very significant chapter in your life, one that makes you aware, as never before, of the potentials that are embodied by the astrological effects operating here at your birth. If you do not feel that you wish to deal with these matters as a major part of your day-to-day life, perhaps you should consider residing elsewhere, or at least 300 miles east or west of this location, where the influence is apt to be more moderated.


 This is a very positive zone to visit, as you consort with a better class of people, attract favorable attention to yourself, seem to acquire new social status and power, and love to spend money. Even if you're not a gambler, don't leave without spending a few dollars on lottery tickets, as this is a very lucky zone, one that increases both your desire for speculation and your odds of winning. It's also a place of religious truth and revelation, dealings with authorities, and chance meetings with the powerful and wealthy, where you could find yourself treated like royalty. Your ideas attract favorable attention, perhaps even offers for publication.


 Jupiter's power here assures that the central theme of this area is growth through "adding-on" or accretion, so that evolution, deeper participation in experience, and cultural outreach are likely while you reside here, through broadening contact with the world and a "better" class of people. You feel that you are protected by forces or deities favorable to you, and belief in this favoritism gives you an optimistic, omnipotent outlook which encourages you to dare the impossible, exceed your limit's, and ascend personally and socially. This is where "wishing makes it so," as hope and faith expand; you come to feel deserving of special treatment by the cosmos which, because you expect it, occurs, particularly extraordinary good luck and social or financial advancement. "Sanctuary" and protection by authorities can be expected; bourgeois values and self-evaluation become prominent here, as you feel distinguished from the mass of humanity, somewhat righteous, self-satisfied, complacent, important, or self-important in community concerns. The issue of class is very Jupiterian, and you engage in a competition of decency, trying to outdo the Joneses (or maybe the Rockefellers), impressing the world with your attainments, credentials, diplomas, and possessions. The "right" people (especially "professionals") are not to be questioned, and social ascendancy is hierarchical, tradition-based, conservative, and middle class, marked by a contradictory need to feel "special" and an unquestioning addiction to fashion and public opinion. People in academic, bureaucratic, administrative, and professional circles rise quickly here, though the attendant temptation to fulfillment of ambition is abandonment of life's meanings, values, and goals in favor of complacent self-satisfaction.


 Jupiter's myth is, of course, that of the "chief administrator" of Mount Olympus. Jupiter, or Zeus, was symbolized as justice, light, and intellect, as opposed to the dark earth god Saturn or the god of the underworld Hades. The problem of this zone stems from Jupiter's inherent superiority, which is often interpreted as an imperialistic privilege to ride roughshod over the rights of others. Positively, Jupiter's insight grants foresight, psychic powers, innate leadership, superiority, and understanding of the patterns and structures of the universe; negatively, it breeds blind fundamentalism, intolerance, self-righteousness, superstition, bigotry, xenophobia, and a barren morality that condemns whatever is not just like it'self. In it's immature stages, Jupiter consciousness is usually marked with some of the above-mentioned excesses -- having found the "truth" (oneself), any other reality or person must accept your higher vision or be seen as infidel to be forcefully "converted." There is also a bragging, boastful bullyishness; arrogant, imperialistic self-centeredness, and a feeling that you have the right to dominate anyone else by mere reason of who, and how important, you are. This belief is underlain by an infantile expectation that the world is created by your needs in order to fulfill them. Greater maturity finds you dominating through kindness, becoming the philanthropist, humanitarian or liberal who magnaminously wishes all others to have the opportunity to attain the heights of social acceptance and success that you have attained and seeks to offer such opportunities (whether asked for or not).  Wisdom, exuberance, and humor are Jupiter's attainment in full flower, and here is the philosopher-king, generous, benevolent, divinely inspired, able to guide the community and humanity as a whole to a realization of it's highest visions. The moral guardians of the state -- judges, academics, artists, musicians, and religious and charitable leaders -- embody this most perfected image of the potentials of this zone and, under it's most positive influence, the patterning of ideas that constitute humanity's cultural heritage and knowledge of the past. This ability to comprehend the future can be grasped and understood, putting you in a powerful social role of leader and guide.


 People will be content here who value society and it's rewards and who aspire to the roles described above. Jupiter zones are less favorable for strong individualists, those who enjoy challenge and pitting themselves against authority and the odds -- those who espouse their own morality and values, as well as the truly creative and independent. This is the place for you if you have a taste for caviar and your eyes light up when a limousine passes by. You'll love it if you feel you are "going someplace" in society and have a vision and commitment to culture, religion, law, education, or the other professions. It could be unfulfilling if you are not typical of your class or family background, consider yourself "self-made," and find TV sitcoms boring.


 The material presented above describes the most potent and significant planetary influences operating at the location you have designated at the time of your birth. It is these concerns and manifestations that should demand your concentrated attention, and it could be suggested that it is to assimilate and understand this type of experience that you have considered residence in this locale. However, there are additional, less potent influences, that also operate here, due to the geographical latitude at which it is located, a latitude that has special importance for you. These influences will constitute a "subplot" or subsidiary influence while you are here, influences of about one-third the power of the major ones described above, and ones which are apt to manifest in relationships especially -- with either you or your partner acting them out.

The following influence is so weak that it may entirely escape notice. Still, it is an option that can be developed, if desired, and will manifest more strongly if it relates well with your personality or other influences present at this location.


 In this location, you may undertake the definition, articulation, or implementation of your independence, demanding freedom from coercion and confinement. You cannot be made to do anything that you do not wish to do, but your rebellious and devil-may-care attitude can have perilous consequences, which probably won't discourage you in the least. You delight in the role of the daredevil and are something of a loner, seeing masculinity, independence, and power equated with an extremely individualistic lifestyle or one rebellious from societal norms. You will defend what you see as your rights to the end, express little warmth or affection, and may find yourself well outside social support groups, aloof, and brutally honest. Sexual needs are apt to be intense and may take unconventional forms --  you have no respect for others' property or prerogatives, nor for others' concept of modesty or propriety. Inventiveness is accented, and engineers, surgeons, miners, scientists, and those working in technological areas may find their creativeness enhanced. Though you live for day-to-day thrills in this adventuresome climate, there is considerable danger of injury here, and accidents in the use of guns or machinery, in driving or transportation are probable. Shipwreck, aircraft failures, fires, lightning strikes, and other such sudden, violent disasters are more likely here than in other locales, but by no means will affect everyone. Despite this danger of constant exposure to unforeseen upheaval, you become daring, insouciant, and disdainful of danger, purposefully seeking areas where angels fear to tread and surviving longer in them than statistically probable.  Athletes, mercenary or professional soldiers, explorers, stuntpersons, and heroes may find this climate to their liking, but few others will prove hardy enough to relish the narrow escapes, restlessness, irritability, insomnia, frequent broken bones and contusions, and functional health problems as daily fare. Partnerships and human relationships in general tend to upheaval and unpredictability as well, and an extremely masculine climate prevails -- little of sympathy, understanding, or cooperation. Yet, for those who need constant adrenaline to add savor to life and who enjoy testing and combative situations, this is a challenging and exciting locality.

These, then, are the important astrological influences which affect this location, now and in the future. Needless to say, they all won't manifest the moment you arrive, but will indeed emerge as the most powerful psychological potentials over time.

Copyright © Ancient Paths Modern Ways 2004-2010
All rights reserved for entertainment purposes only

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