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To View any postings please go to this page  Intuitions, Visions & Revelations

Please be as thorough as you can with filling in the information, it will benefit not only you but others that are trying to validate what they may be feeling / picking up on. Let any others you know that might be sensitive to these types of events or precognition’s know that this forum is here. The more that share their hunches and findings the more validation we all have.  Thank you! We will keep personal information private, such as email address if you prefer to post via this form.

To submit information to share with this forum please fill out this form or email us with as much information as possible to  
To View any postings please go to this page 
Intuitions Visions and Revelations




you “saw” “felt”” heard”


(this could be relevant if their is some type of occurrence such as earthquake, etc.)


city, area, etc,




can we contact you via email?

Please share as much detail as you can.

By sharing as many details, such as how you were feeling, the type of circumstance, dreaming, awake, meditating, doing dishes, alone, in a crowded place etc. The intensity of how you felt during this time, was it subtle? strong?

It may sound a little funny to some of you but personally I feel like I’m pmsing just before an earthquake, but these types of details can really help others to find correlation’s in their own circumstances.

We can keep private details out of the forum, but keep track on our end of any similar instances others may share.

Ready to sumbit? don’t forget you can always email us at intuitions@modernways with this information and one of us will post it.  Your email address will not be posted on the forum.

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