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Relationship Numerology - Your Compatibility Profile     $19.95
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report averages 35-40 pages

Detailed and in-depth, this Numerology Report compares your core numbers, tells you about your relationship and how to avoid unnecessary pitfalls. Includes your cycles for the next 12 months - how they compare as well as the specific influences and events you can expect.

How is your Life Path, Expression, and Heart's Desire compatible with your partner's? What are your personalities like and how to they complement each other? Find out this and much more as this informative Compatibility Profile compares the numerology of 2 people.

Relationships, of course, are ever changing. No matter how good a relationship becomes, it can get even better when two people learn to accept and love each other just as they are. As you broaden your understanding of each other, youíre likely to enjoy an increasing acceptance and affection for one another.

This report can help you gain some of that understanding by clarifying your personal characteristics and motivations. It will give you a picture of the kind of individuals you are and, at the same time, explore the dynamics involved in your relationship.

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