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in this one report.

For the most accurate report on any personal name, we recommend that you enter the person's full name (First Middle Last) as one entry. If you're wondering what the difference might be between your nickname and your full name, enter your full name as one entry and your nickname as another.

For the name of a thing -- business, book title, website or street address, etc. -- enter the name exactly as it will be written when in use.

The Name Advisor analyzes the kind of influence a name or a number, or a combination of both, has on the human psyche. By doing so, it will help you chose the right name for a child, an adult (name change), a product, a pet, a street address, a business name, a telephone number, a car license plate, and so forth.

Numerology Analysis of the following expressions

Della Susan York

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Ancient Paths Modern Ways


Results for the entry "Della Susan York" 4
Results for the entry "Ashely Maruine York" 5
Results for the entry "Ashie" 6
Results for the entry "Joshua Davis" 7
Results for the entry "Kyle Davis" 9


Have you ever noticed how a name quite often perfectly reflects the personality of the individual named? Advertisers certainly understand this phenomenon. It is not a coincidence that in a popular television commercial, the only person who had never tried a certain hamburger was named Herb - a somewhat geeky name in the minds of most people. Can you imagine John Wayne as Herb Wayne?

This intuitive connection we have with names and words runs very deep and is certainly persistent. When a corporation prepares to launch a new product, they put a team of copywriters, public relations experts, even psychologists, together to come up with just the right name for the product.

The Name Advisor analyzes the kind of influence a name or a number, or a combination of both, has on the human psyche. By doing so, it will help you chose the right name for a child, an adult (name change), a product, a pet, a street address, a business name, a telephone number, a car license plate, and so forth.

The Name Advisor uses 3 to 4 topics.
The Dominant Impression explains the initial and most strongly felt influence of a name.
The Vowel Vibration focuses on the vowel sounds.
The Base Vibration, which could be considered an underlying tone or rhythm, can apply
to names as well as numbers - such as telephone numbers or social security numbers.
The Overview section tells you about the relationship between the different vibrations.

Although two names can easily have a similar - even identical - Dominant Impression, the chance of two names also having the same Vowel and Base vibrations is much smaller. Certainly the most important aspect to consider, is how the first three main influences fit together. The Overview, therefore, is as important, if not more important,as the other sections when considering a name. However, donít focus only on getting the highest rating of stars. Use your own analytical powers. Think about the two or three different vibrations. Do they feel suitable for the name and the person or thing you are naming? If you are starting your own accounting firm, you should look for a name that reflects dependability, trustworthiness, stability, even if that name is also described as
boring and rigid. On the other hand, if you are looking for a name for a store selling camping gear and scuba diving lessons, you want a name that conveys a dynamic, risk-taking, freedom-loving nature.

When you look at the results of names you entered - and the program subsequently examined - you need to keep a few things in mind:

Who, or what, is the name for?

There is no such thing as a perfect name. Each and every name, number, or
combination of both, will have some negative as well as some positive attributes.
Make the name "it" the person or thing. Donít look specifically for "money and power" or "fame and fortune." Keep in mind that when it comes to quality of life, happiness is the bottom line.

Results for the entry "Della Susan York"

Dominant Impression.
This section describes the first and dominant impression the name "Della Susan York" conjures up in most people.

Responsible, caring, loving, nurturing, healing and comforting, the name "Della Susan York" is warm and makes one feel loved and special. Harmonious and peaceful, the name "Della Susan York" feels good to anyone, but doesnít call up any particular feeling strongly. "Della Susan York" is neutral, suitable for those for whom stability and harmony are high priorities.

Good sense of business, but slow and not particularly adaptable. Strong sense of beauty, but not passionate. Idealistic, with a strong sense of justice.

The name "Della Susan York" makes one feel like a home away from home. It offers protection and love. It takes away anxiety and fears, and heals the broken-hearted. If you want others to feel like this is their home, this is their safe haven, then this is an excellent name.

The name "Della Susan York" attracts money slowly, predictably, the result of effort and common sense.

Most positive characteristics: Protective, harmonious, comfortable to all.
Most negative characteristics: Stick-in-the-mud. No passion.

Vowel Vibration

The Vowel Vibration of a name enhances or decreases the impact of the Dominant Impression, and sometimes adds a completely different flavor. Read about the Vowel Vibration with the Dominant Impression in mind.

The vowels in "Della Susan York" add a sense of seriousness to the Dominant Impression: knowledge, study, research, wisdom, intellectual depth, spiritual search, and an abhorrence of all things shallow and superficial. There is a sense of revelation, of seeing beneath the surface of things, of well thought-out opinions, of careful judgments, and, above all, of a need for perfection - clearly, compromise is never an option. For many people, the vowels make the name "Della Susan York" seem cool and aloof. For others, it offers hope, a ray of light in a world of ignorance. The vowels make "Della Susan York" seem impersonal and introvert, but also precious and worthy of oneís devotion. There is a sense of isolation for some, a powerful sense of belonging for others.

Base Vibration

The Base Vibration is subtler than the Vowel Vibration, but should be considered equally mportant.

The Base Vibration in "Della Susan York" is one of the most powerful and impressive that any set of base vibrations can produce. It reflects extraordinary drive and determination. It is ambitious, highly competitive, and ruthless in its pursuit of goals. It represents authority, leadership, and an uncompromising desire to win. This Base Vibration radiates confidence and effectiveness. The influence of the base vibrations in "Della Susan York" will attract some of the strongest and most confident people, but at the same time, it will push away pretty much anyone else.


The Dominant Vibration and the Vowel Vibration in "Della Susan York" oppose and conflict. 1 Star. The Dominant Vibration and the Base Vibration though contrary, do not clash. At times they actually complement each other. 3 Stars.

The Vowel and Base Vibrations oppose and conflict.

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