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here are some articles by Loyd Auerbach on the paranormal
(well hmm I just thought this was  all “normal” <g>)

Heres a few excerpts about Loyd from his website


Loyd also teaches
Certificate Course in Parapsychological Studies
at HCH Institute, Lafayette, CA
now available for distance learners!






The Paranormal Audio Newsletter

Has Now Launched!

So many people want information, education and even entertainment when it comes to the Paranormal. Unfortunately, so much is bad info, and it’s all text!

Parapsychologist, author & expert Loyd Auerbach -- along with colleagues and other experts – announce the advent of INVISIBLE SIGNALS, the first downloadable monthly audio newsletter in mp3 format and other audio formats.

While others provide free podcasts, INVISIBLE SIGNALS is more than mere interviews – which can often limit the thoughts of the experts (and the direction those thoughts might take). INVISIBLE SIGNALS will provide everything from news
items from the world and field of psychic phenomena and Parapsychology, to
educational pieces from experts, to case reports of apparition, haunting and poltergeist cases and much more.

Visit NOW
 for more information on the site and how to subscribe.


excerpt from
Talking Head for
 the Undead
East Bay Express
 February 5, 2003

Auerbach is one of the few people in the world with an advanced degree in parapsychology, and one of an even more select few who run ghost-hunting operations from their dens. In formal terms, Auerbach's den is known as the Office of Paranormal Investigations, from which he oversees a team of about six Bay Area ghost hunters, many of them affiliates of the extremely unusual and short-lived parapsychology master's program at John F. Kennedy University in Orinda, where Auerbach used to teach.

The program's untimely demise, however, has done little to slow Auerbach down. In his several decades as a paranormal researcher, he has turned the study of all things ghostly into a thriving business, and his media savvy has made him into something of a talking head for the undead. He has written four books about the supernatural and markets his own line of seminars, videotapes, and ghost-story cassettes. He frequently serves as a consultant for sci-fi TV shows and news programs wanting the downlow on the unexplained. Electronics retailers looking to push certain models of electromagnetic meters used on ghost-hunting expeditions like to drop his name. And since Auerbach also enjoys performing sleight of hand at parties and hosting séances -- something of a sideline to the ghost-hunting business, which itself is a sideline to his part-time day job as a consultant for LexisNexis -- he has also recently adopted the stage name "Professor Paranormal," which has a more impressive ring to it than "Loyd" does.

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