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Yearly Calendar

You have 2 options for the Yearly Calendar
(you may purchase this by the month <Monthly Calendar>, or by the year)
Wide Left Margin you have room on the left side of the page to use a three-hole punch. You may choose to do this if you plan to keep your calendars in a three-ring binder. ( This Report is 48 pages.)
The Miniature option,  you will only get the calendar page. Top Page, Ephemeris, and Red/Green days are not available in miniature format. Miniature format will print out four months on one page.
(This Report is 4 pages.) ($5.95)
The Miniature option

The Top Page includes the first two lunation charts for the month, the monthly ephemeris, and a time scale of the major Transit to Transit and Transit to Natal aspects. The ephemeris is also on the fourth page in full size.

The Second Page shows a full calendar (see sample below)

The Third Page shows the Red/Green Colors days
       · Red days represent high physical energy.
       · Green days represent high mental energy.
       · Black days are neither more physical or mental.

The Fourth Page The Ephemeris

The Top Page includes the first two lunation charts for the month, the monthly ephemeris, and a time scale of the major Transit to Transit and Transit to Natal aspects. One way to read the ephemeris is to look at the planet that you’re interested in and follow the column down to the day or the position of the planet. An example would be that your Natal Sun was at ten degrees of Leo and you wanted to look through the ephemeris to see when the Transiting Moon would be at ten degrees of Leo, therefore giving you a Personal New Moon. You would just go down the moon column until you came to the day that the moon was in that degree.

For example: The listed planet position is for the start of the day (12 AM GMT). So, in the ephemeris, one might find that on the 22nd of the month the moon is at five degrees of Leo and on the 23rd of the month it is at 18 degrees of Leo. Therefore, if you were looking for ten degrees of Leo, you would find that on the 22nd the Moon was at that degree.

If you know the positions of your Natal planets, then you can just look through all the planet columns and see if any of them are at the same number as a natal planet in your chart. Then when the numbers match, you can look at the signs and determine which aspect that it would be.

Seeing Red: You will see that there may be planets in red. Planets in red are Retrograde, so you can easily see it and note that they are getting smaller rather than larger.

This is for ONE Month in the Day Watch Calendar Report.
The samples is 75% of actual size and 60% quality jpegs

Due to the detail in this report you can find the other three pages for a ONE month section on the following webpages (links)  This Report is 48 pages.

Top Page viewed on this page.
Page Two Full Month Calendar        
Page Three Ephemeris for One month.
Page Four is Red/Green Days Chart.
The Miniature option, (same as page 2)


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