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Monthly Details                                                              $19.95

The Monthly Details report includes all of the events that occur for the selected month. If you want a report to show you all aspects for all of the planets, including the inner planets, then you want to use this report.

This Report shows very detailed daily astrology forecast (horoscope) for a month.

The colored bars signify the aspecting planet. The colors represent the planet; use the colored bars as a visual clue to easily find all of the aspects for a given planet. The length of the bar is determined by the planet's average motion, so you can also use this bar as a rough indication of the strength of the aspect. Slower moving planets stay in aspect for a longer period of time and happen less frequently, therefore they are often considered to have a stronger impact; the bars for these planets are much longer than the faster moving inner
planets. "The longer the stronger." This length is determined by planet, not search type, so comparing bars between progressed and transit hits in this way may not be meaningful.

This is for ONE Month in the Day Watch Monthly Details Report. 2 of 32 pages are shown. The samples is 60% of actual size and 60% quality jpegs.
For a full sample please download the Monthly Details sample from the right.



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