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Lunation Monthly Chart

What Might I Look for in Lunation Chart?

Lunation (or New Moon and Full Moon) charts have been used by Mundane Astrologers for many centuries. In later times, people have started comparing them to their natal charts.

The New Moon, or Conjunction, is used when you want to start something new or try to break some old patterns. That is the time of the month when you would attempt to start or do these kinds of things. The New Moon is the time of internalizing and looking within yourself.

The Full Moon, or Opposition, is the time when you would try to accomplish the things that were started on a New Moon. The Full Moon is when you look to External events or things get beyond your control.

Things to look at when comparing the Lunation charts to your own:

  • Houses that the Sun and Moon are transiting in your natal chart.
  • What aspects do the Sun and Moon make to your natal planets? Are the majority of those aspects easy or hard?
  • People also look at the transits to the Lunation charts, particularly to the Moon.

The following sample is 60% of actual size and 60% quality jpegs.

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