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Day Watch Best Buy Option  approx. $50.00 savings        $94.95
includes the following Reports.

These Reports combined are approx. 170 pages of very detailed information, an AWESOME gift for anyone with an interest in Astrology.

You can have this printed on a color laser printer with high quality paper and bound either as individual reports or all into a larger binder, shipped priority mail in the continental United States for an additional $34.95 The total cost for this combination  is less than the cost of most print shops would charge just to print these reports in color and binding.

Yearly Calendar ( reg. cost $34.95)
Yearly Calendar

Wide Left Margin you have room on the left side of the page to use a three-hole punch. You may choose to do this if you plan to keep your calendars in a three-ring binder. ( This Report is 48 pages.)

The Top Page includes the first two lunation charts for the month, the monthly ephemeris, and a time scale of the major Transit to Transit and Transit to Natal aspects. The ephemeris is also on the fourth page in full size.
The Second Page shows a full calendar (see sample below)
The Third Page shows the Red/Green Colors days
       Red days represent high physical energy.
       Green days represent high mental energy.
       Black days are neither more physical or mental.
The Fourth Page The Ephemeris

Monthly Highlights 12 months ( reg. cost $45.95)
Monthly Highlights

The Monthly Highlights report includes all of the events included in the Yearly Highlights report, but also includes the Moon's conjunctions and oppositions to the Sun, as well as conjunctions with the inner planets (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Mars). (approx 60 pages)

Lunation Yearly Chart 12 months (reg. cost $24.95)
Yearly Lunations

Lunation (or New Moon and Full Moon) charts have been used by Mundane Astrologers for many centuries. In later times, people have started comparing them to their natal charts. (12 pages)

The Weekly Report 52 weeks (reg. cost $39.95)
same as the Year Appointment Calendar
Year Appointment

The Weekly Report will generate a detailed report for year. Use this report for your weekly astrological events, as well as your appointments and personal events for the week. (52 pages)

This report is set up so you can use it like a daytimer or personal calendar.  Features included in the report.

Void of Course
Personal Void
Aspects to Natal

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Yearly Calendar


Yearly Highlights

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Year Appointment


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Monthly Highlights

$ 5.95

Monthly Calendar

$ 5.95

Monthly Details


Yearly Lunations


Lunation Monthly

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Red/Green Days

$ 5.95

Void Course Moon

$ 3.95

Weekly Report

$ 4.95

Daily Forecast


Day Watch Sample Reports:
downloadable pdf files

Yearly Calendar Report

Yearly Highlights

Monthly Highlights

Monthly Details

Weekly Report

Daily Report

Planetary Stations Report

Red/Green Days

Void-Of-Course Moon

Monthly Lunations

Yearly Lunations