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Electrical URANUS is plugged at high voltage into the FULL MOON ECLIPSE on Saturday, 3/3 (3/4 in Eastern latitudes). Right next to the Sun, the exciting and excitable energy of Uranus is reflected by the Full Moon. No wonder it eclipses; there can be some short circuits in the atmosphere! This is a TOTAL eclipse! peak at 23:21 U.T. in England or 6:21 pm EST, with totality a good half hour before and after, and partial eclipse effects lasting almost two hours on either side. A cool website to get the visual drift is:

How is your wiring? Is it strong enough to carry—and ground-- this charge? Where in your life is this dynamic changing of the spark plugs occurring? If you've been doing regular tune-ups, staying with the cosmic program as it upgrades our systems, then you're in good shape. You're ready for the brighter light of the planet of Higher Mind. I've been saying for a while, and I'm not the only one, that the psychic internet is the new internet-working highway.

Let's not forget that JUPITER is still squaring Uranus and therefore this Full Moon eclipse. Jupiter is at its best IN SAGITTARIUS, apart from its tendency to exaggerate (which makes for a good story!) and to overdo things (more is not ALWAYS better). In this case, let's go for the better and the more in terms of Uranian consciousness shift. It's time.

Uranus is shifting the Piscean waters. Here in St. John, Virgin Islands we get a strong northern swell when there are storms in the north-east U.S. This Atlantic swell pushes deep under the surface and then crashes up on our beaches. There has been a lot of body-surfing here in the last few days, with more to come apparently.

The Full Moon is in Virgo, an earth sign, is resonant with ecological concerns, our intimate body-nature relationship and the Anima Mundi—the soul of the world as Mother Nature.
Work with your body on this one. There is natural instinctive wisdom in every cell in our bodies.

The Sabian Symbols of Moon and Sun suggest layers of experience. This eclipse is Virgo-precise, at exactly 13 degrees, 0 minutes.


It sounds like there are major political repercussions with this Moon. At a time of heightened tension around the world, with headlines about Iran, led us look for a leader to stand out and make a call for common sense. Rather than following a greedy and manipulative elite that rattles sabers at a convenient enemy, may heart-centered leadership honor the sacred sword used by the spiritual warrior. Virgo, the Earth's High Priestess, carrying the nurturing grain in her hand, will do her part.

It will be interesting to see in the next few weeks how Mars manifests in conjunction to Chiron. Wounded warrior to spiritual warrior is one potential, the hero lifting the sacred sword, the sword of Truth. MARS ENTERED AQUARIUS on February 28. There is a MOON, MARS, CHIRON conjunction on March 15.

The feminine flavor of this Moon is strong. Another planetary pattern effective during this eclipse is a fire triangle, involving VENUS IN ARIES, SATURN STILL IN LEO and Jupiter—Jupiter is in on everything on this Full Moon. The fire adds inspiration and motivation, Jupiter turns up on the volume on intuition. The inner bell of Truth, shall we call it the Liberty Bell?, is ringing loud and true. Venus at 13 degrees Aries is aligned with the star ALPHERATZ that marks the head of ANDROMEDA, the Chained Princess. Venus in Aries is a Zena-type feminine energy, powerful in her freedom of choice. Let's unchain that Lady! She is, after all, giving birth to the Andromeda Galaxy. On a good clear night we Caribbean star gazers can still see the smudgy haze of the galaxy before it sets. Awesome.

Venus is in good company with Saturn and Jupiter. The goddess of love leads the way. Feel the fiery good will of the emotional resonance. Invite the best and roll with the waves as the high eclipse seas and winds of change push our sails further onward. Stay the positive course!

CERES, once the largest asteroid, is renamed a dwarf planet, raising its status in our collective consciousness. That's a good sign. Ceres is an earth goddess, who grows the grains. She is in challenging alignment to Pluto, foreshadowing the next New Moon, with a partial eclipse in Pisces). Ceres is making a deal with Pluto, as she did in the myth when her daughter was kidnapped to the underworld.
Release my daughter, she insists.
She ate seeds from the pomegranate, fruit of the dead, responded Pluto. She must remain with me.
Seeds need to grow and blossom, Ceres replies. This law of Nature is my domain.
Let her decide, Pluto declares.

Persephone makes her choice—AFTER MERCURY GOES DIRECT (March 7)—and at the next New Moon. Her wise choice goes beyond old definitions. Perhaps she chooses both as she returns with the spring to renew life, and descends again in the fall to send roots down deeper and enrich the soil of the soul. The cycle of life, release and rebirth.
With BLACK MOON LILITH in Libra, the dilemma of choice can reveal alternative possibilities.

March, a double eclipse month, one of THE BIG MONTHS of the year. This Uranian Full Moon is followed by a Plutonian New Moon eclipse on March 18-19, as we tip over Spring Equinox into a new season, This is Persephone's season of renewal—or descent, depending on what hemisphere you are in. The New Moon will feature a direct activation from Pluto to the solar eclipse. Though not be a total eclipse, Pluto by its nature will give a kind of black-out effect. No matter what we are calling Pluto these days, this tiny member of the solar system packs a huge transformation charge. It rules nuclear power and takes us right down to the cellular level, into deep spaces of perception, stillness and renewal. It is a collective process. If not now, when? asks Pluto, which leaves Sagittarius and heads into a whole new sign (Capricorn) in less than a year's time. More on that next time.

This Full Moon eclipse opens up the energy, brings us into a new space of awareness to be able to take the deep journey indicated by the next New Moon eclipse. Are you feeling it?


    Blessings abound.

    Kelly Hunter

    Dr. Kelley Hunter is a long-time astrologer and mythologist, writer and artist. She is Astrologer-in-Residence for the Self Centre International at Caneel Bay Resort and for Omega Institute in St. John, Virgin Islands, where she also leads star gazing for visitors. She is on the Board of the International Society for Astrological Research. To be on her e-mail list for Cosmic News articles, click on the link below. For an astrology consultation, email her at

    Explore her website at

             M. Kelley Hunter  Ph.D. Astrologer, mythologist

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