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Stones & Gems used for their Healing Properties
this is a very SHORT list of stones and gems used to
enhance: healing, chakra and reiki and other modalities.
   There are many websites and books devoted to this subject.

Black Tourmaline Repels negative energy. Acts as a shielding which makes this stone ideal for combatting stress Guards against heart disease and arthritis. A fast-acting crystal which helps to clear away negative emotional patterns releasing pain caused by events in the past. Helpful to those feeling depressed, sad and fearful.
1st Chakra

Bloodstone Good for the circulatory system. Bloodstone's subtle energies can help purify toxic blood and detoxify the liver, spleen and kidneys. Bloodstone is a calming stone which aids in reaching a higher level of consciousness. It can help clear and open the lower chakras, especially the Root Chakra  / 4th chakra

Blue Sapphire An inspiration stone which can nourish the brain and bring order to the mind. Blue Sapphire assists in breaking old habits by promoting new ways of thinking. Also known as an excitement stone since it can help to put life into an exciting and fulfilling perspective.

Carnelian A stone with powerful, mental grounding power  Purifies the blood and liver and is ideal for lower back pain. Strengthens creativity and helps stimulate thought leading to challenging and enriching experiences. Natural healers use Carnelian to quell anger, jealousy and hateful feelings, clear negative energy and sorrow. It increases sexuality and sexual desire and promotes courage and confidence.|
2nd chakra.

Celestite an excellent healing stone for creative and mental activities. This stone can reduce stress and bring tranquility into one's life. It is often used for recalling dreams and for astral projection. Because of its relationship with the Throat Chakra, Celestite can improve thyroid functions.

Chrysacolla improves psychic ability, and aids in prophetic dreaming. It assists in attaining a trance, communicating with the spirit world. Itís soothing energies can help you to overcome stress, promotes serenity, peace and tolerance. Helps nurture feelings of unconditional love. Eases fears, allowing you to let go of the past while soothing and refreshing the heart. This stone can help you to find inner wisdom and renewed hope.
2nd Chakra


Citrine Quartz the gemstone for upliftment. Helps to develop a feeling of security and inner calm. The subtle vibrations help displace negative vibrations making it a good stone for those seeking spiritual growth. Its calming energy promotes positive vibrations making meditation more rewarding. A stone that brings happiness and cheer to those who carry or wear it.
3rd Chakra

Diamond increases personal clarity. It aligns the person with his/her higher purpose. Diamond also offers many healing properties. It is said to be an amplifier

The information contained in these pages is not meant to replace diagnosis and treatment by a qualified medical practitioner. No expressed or implied guarantee can be given nor liability taken.

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