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We would like to welcome you to our home on the World Wide Web. We can’t and won’t claim to be a “new” type of service. Advisors (visionaries, readers, psychics etc.) have been around since the beginning of man kind. Different names, different countries many throughout history choosing to help and advise when needed.

The purpose of a Consultation / Reading is to give guidance and answer your questions, what you choose to do with the information is entirely up to you.We want you to feel comfortable to seek advice from our Advisors like you would a trusted confidant and counselor. Lack of direction is the number one reason people fail to achieve their dreams. A good Advisor knows not to direct you, only guide you. The goal is to allow you to make more informed choices. Whether you need to affirm your path to success, understand your choices, or find the answer to a question about your current situation and future direction, our Advisors (psychics / readers) can help you through the process of making changes and decisions.


At Ancient Paths Modern Ways we take great pride in everyone that is involved with this commitment to assisting others with their gifts. All of the Advisors (psychics / readers) believe in using their gifts and beliefs to assist others. Our Advisors use a deep intuitive wisdom and an understanding of both modern and ancient knowledge and gifts bringing Ancient Paths into Modern Ways.

We take the time and effort to personally answer the phones and work with you to assure that you are placed with the Advisor (psychics / readers) that will best be able to give you guidance and assistance you need in the area you are seeking. We consider this extremely important, like other professionals, our Advisors (psychics / readers) specialize in certain areas and types of readings. Of course you always have the option of emailing us if you prefer not to call and we can arrange the Consultation (reading) via email. If you are out of the country this may be more convenient for you to contact us and we can call you back at your convenience to arrange a Consultation. Please do take into consideration the various time zones.

It is also important that you are able to reach the Advisor that YOU prefer and not be pushed off to just any that happen to be free when you call. This is why when you call, IF the Advisor (psychic / reader) you want to speak to is unavailable, we will make an appointment for you and call you as soon as they become available. We pride ourselves on giving you a personal and caring service unlike any other available. It is because of this that our clients continue to call us again and again and recommend us to their family and friends. We would like to assure you that when you call on our toll free number 1(877) 829-2229 you are never switched to a 900 or pay line. There will never ever be a charge on your phone bill. All costs are included in the prices listed.


We DO NOT have 900 numbers for instant on consultations. All Consultations / Readings are by appointment only. This is to ensure that YOU have your Advisors attention during the time you have scheduled. It is because we take this time and effort that there is an occasional waiting list of clients to be connected to their Advisor.


Here at Ancient Paths Modern Ways, we take pride in our code of ethics and our business practices. We do not sell client information to companies FOR ANY REASON. All client information and readings are kept confidential. The Advisors are under legal contract NEVER to ask a client for information such as e/mail addresses, home phone numbers, home addresses , etc nor may they give any of their own information such as home/personal business phone, address etc. to a client. We take extreme measures to make sure that our Clients AND Advisors are protected in every way possible.

Finally we would like to assure you that, If for any reason the Advisor (psychic / reader) you are placed with is unable to connect with you then the Advisor will inform you and refer you back to our staff. We do not want to waste YOUR time if an Advisor (psychic / reader) does not feel they are connecting with you or able to help you. We will make every effort to find an Advisor that can connect with you to finish your reading. It is our policy to give you the most ethical and professional service. By doing so we hope that you will continue to call our service and recommend us to your friends and family. We pride ourselves on the fact that a large percentage of our new clients come from personal recommendations. We look forward to Welcoming You to our ever-growing list of satisfied clients.

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